Support for Android Blu-ray Box

How can I configure initial settings for the VidOn Box?

Firstly, install the antenna on the VidOn Box manually, then power on the box to open VidOn XBMC. The following settings are recomended for the best VidOn Box experience.

1. Display Settings

1.1. Resolution Settings

Choose “System Settings” on the home page.


Then choose “Display Settings” > “Display output mode” and press “OK” to select the output mode you want.


1.2 Screen Zoom

Go to “System Settings” > “Display Settings” and choose “Customize” for “Screen Zoom”, then adjust the screen to a proper size via the navigation buttons “←” and “→”.


2. Audio Settings

(AV100): Go to “System Settings” > “Volume Settings”. Here you can adjust the volume, and choose whether to enable Pass Through to use a more advanced amplifier to deliver a better audio effect.


(AV200): Go to “System Settings” > “Volume Settings” to choose an audio output device and mode.


3. Wi-Fi Settings

Go to “System Settings” > “Network Settings” and choose “Wireless Network”. Then choose the Wi-Fi you want to connect to and press “OK”.


If the Wi-Fi you chose hasn’t been encrypted with a password you can connect to it directly. If it needs a password, just input the password to connect.


You have a succesful connection when the confirmed by the VidOn Box on the lower part of the screen.


4. Other Settings

4.1. Language & input

Go to “Settings” > “Other Settings” > “Advanced Settings”, and navigate to “Language & input”, here you can change the Language and Pointer speed.


4.2. Date & time

Navigate to “Date & time” to set the date and time format.


4.3 Developer options

In “Developer options”, make sure “Allow mock locations” is checked, so that you’re allowed to install apps from a connected external storage.


Please watch this video about initial settings for more information.