Support for Android Blu-ray Box

How can I reinstall the firmware if the box becomes "bricked”?

Download the image file (firmware) for the AV100 box, or the image file for the AV200, and download the package in which you'll find the app (for Windows) for burning the image file into an empty SD card (1GB+).

Note: if you're using a card with files in it, please make sure you backup the files beforehand, since the image burning process will automatically format the card.


1. Disconnect the power. Insert the SD card with the image file burnt (normally you will see nothing on the card since the image file is invisible). Press the “Reset Button” and hold while reconnecting the box to the power. When the signal light is on, release the “Reset Button”. The box is now reinstalling the firmware. During the process, you can see the signal light flashing from red to blue;
2. When you see a solid red light, it means that the firmware reinstalling process has been completed;
3.Disconnect the power then remove the SD card;
4. Reconnect the box to the power and your TV, the box will reboot automatically with the blue light on. You will see the welcome screen on your TV screen;
5. If the screen shows nothing but blue light is on, please reboot the screen as well.
Details about how to burn the image file into SD card:

Step 1: Unzip the tool package, run “PhoenixCard.exe”

Unzip the package “tool-for-burning-image-into-sd” and locate the application “PhoenixCard.exe”, then double click it to run it.

Step 2: Load in the image file to burn

Insert the SD card into the card reader, and connect it to your PC. This app being used for reinstalling firmware can automatically locate and check your SD card. As the following screenshots show, you can view the SD card info in the “DiskCheck” on the info panel. If the SD card isn’t auto located by the app, please locate it manually.

Now load in the image file you want to burn. Click the “Img File” button and locate the image file. Double click it, or highlight it and click “Open” to load it.

After it’s in, click Burn button to start burning. The burning process will take a couple of minutes. After the process is finished, click "Exit".