Support for Android Blu-ray Box

How do I upgrade the system?

There are two ways to upgrade the system: “Live Upgrade” and “Local Upgrade”.

Live Upgrade:

First, make sure the Internet connection is OK. Go to “System Settings” > “Other Settings” and open “System Upgrade”.

Then choose “Official Server” in “Live Upgrade” to check for a new version.

After the new version is found, click “Start Download” to download the upgrade pack. After the downloading finished, click “OK”, then “Start Upgrading” to upgrade the system. During the process, the system will automatically reboot and the system upgrade page will be re-opened. Now click “Official Server” to check for new version. When you see this prompt “You are running the latest version”, it means that the system has been upgraded successfully.

Local Upgrade:

If you choose to use “Local Upgrade”, you need to download the upgrade pack and change its name to "". Save it under the root directory in your external drive before connecting the drive to your box. Then click “Scan” under “System Upgrade” > “Local Upgrade” to locate and install the downloaded upgrade package.

The upgrade package is available for download at: