Support for Android Blu-ray Box

User Guide of Android Blu-ray Box Android Blu-ray Box has two players built-in it: VidOn XBMC (accessed from “”), and the original system player (accessed from “File Management”). The system player don’t support Blu-ray and HD audio, while VidOn XBMC does.

So you are strongly recommended to use VidOn XBMC to play videos. If you use the original player going with the system instead, sometimes there will be no sound for the video being played.

Instruction: Please firstly install the antenna to Android Blu-ray Box manually, then power on the box to open VidOn XBMC. Following are some initial settings you need to do in order to get a best user experience.


A. Display Settings

1. Resolution Settings

Choose “System Settings” on the main interface.


Then choose “Display Settings” -> “Display output mode”, and press “OK” button to select the output mode you want. We recommend you use HDMI 1080P 24HZ to get a better video effect and smoother video effect.


2. Screen Zoom

Go to “System Settings” -> “Display Settings”, and choose “Customize” option for “Screen Zoom”, then adjust the screen to a proper size via the direction keys “←” and “→”.


B. Audio Settings


Go to “System Settings” -> “Volume Settings”. Here you can adjust the volume, and choose whether to enable Pass Through to use a more advanced amplifier to deliver a better audio effect.



Go to “System Settings” -> “Volume Settings” to choose audio output device and mode.


The default audio output mode for both AV100 and AV200 is Analog. If you want to use HDMI passthrough or SPDIF, you need to set up in VidOn XBMC like this:

a. Open VidOn XBMC, and choose “SYSTEM” -> “Settings”.


b. Choose “System”->”Audio output” to set audio output mode as HDMI or SPDIF.


C. Wi-Fi Settings

Go to “System Settings” -> “Network Settings” and choose “Wireless Network”. Then choose the Wi-Fi you want to connect to. Press “OK”.


If the Wi-Fi you chose hasn’t been encrypted with password, you can connect to it directly. If it needs a password, just input the password to connect.


When you see the words telling you the Wi-Fi has been connected in the lower part of the screen, then that’s it.


D. Others

More helpful info about VidOn XBMC and the box can be found at:

A complete manual of Andorid Blu-ray Box can be viewed/downloaded at: