Support for DVDWatchBox

Part 1: Software Setup

1. Install Vidon Import Utility & Vidon Server

Unwrap the CD disc and throw it into the DVD Drive of your Windows computer, and then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation step by step as shown below:

Step 1: Select your preferred setup language and click OK;

Step 2: Click Next;

Step 3: Accept the License Agreement and click Next;

Step 4: Click the Browse button to select where you want to install. Simply click Next to proceed if you want to use the default path.

Step 5: The two applications are by default to be installed. Click Next to proceed;

Step 6: Select whether or not you want to create a desktop icon and a quick launch icon, and click Next to proceed;

Step 7: Wait until the installation process finishes on its own;

Step 8: Upon completion, you can launch both applications immediately or manually launch them at a later time.

2. Activate Vidon Import Utility

Due to the fact that it is not sold as an independent software product, there is not a license or activation code for it. To activate the Vidon Import Utility, a Vidon Membership Account is required. Here below is the detailed tutorial about the activation process.

Step 1: Find the Serial Number

Remember the Software CD? Don’t ditch the wrapping envelope, because right on its front cover, a serial number printed there. Find that serial number;

Step 2: Launch Vidon Import Utility

Start up the software and click the Register button which shall take you to a webpage where you are supposed to create your Membership Account, or you can simple copy and paste this URL  ( into your browser for the same purpose;

Step 3: Create Your Membership Account

Enter a unique username, your email address, set up a password, and enter the above-mentioned serial number before you click the Register button below.

If you already have a Vidon Membership Account long before you by Vidon DVDWatchBox, then you can just use that account to activate Vidon Import Utility. And in that case, you may click the “Using an Existing Account” tab, and then enter your account information and also still the serial number to submit your activation request.

Step 4: Activate Vidon Import Utility

Once your Membership Account is successfully created, go back to the Vidon Import Utility activation window, and activate the software with the account you’ve just created.

3. Set up Vidon Server

If it is the first time you ever installed Vidon Server on your computer, you will have to go through the setup procedure from scratch.

Step 1: Launch Vidon Server after Installation

Double click on the desktop icon to launch Vidon Server, and then go to the Windows system tray to locate the Vidon Server and double click on it, a pop-up window with a message reads “Initiating Vidon Server, please wait…” shall appear, which means, within a few seconds, you will see the Vidon Server welcome screen show up.

Step 2: Enter the Welcome Screen

Skip the guide shown above to enter the welcome screen. If you have converted some of your DVDs using Vidon Import Utility, then you can simply refresh the media library to manage them, otherwise, you will have to convert your DVDs first. Or, you can also manually add other videos into Vidon Server.

Step 3: Add the Path Containing Your Target Media Files

Click the folder icon to browse the location where your media files are located, select that folder and click OK.

Step 4: View the Added Media Files

Once you’ve selected a path, click the OK button to the next page shown above, and then click View Now button, and you will be taken to the media library like below:

Assumed that all your movies and TV Shows are properly named, Vidon Server will automatically categorize them into respective groups, and meanwhile scrap relative Meta data from internet net that match your targets, also automatically.

4. Login to Vidon Server

To login to the Vidon Server, just click the Login icon from the top right corner, and then enter your Vidon Membership account.