Support for DVDWatchBox

Part 3: Hardware Setup

In this Section, you will learn how to setup the Vidon DVDWatchBox, how to gear it up with your HDMI enabled TV (might also by your home theater system), and finally how to watch all your media collections in the Vidon Server you’ve been managing for a while.

1. Vidon DVDWatchBox

Deep inside the Vidon DVDWatchBox, lays a specially tailored version of Vidon Cloud, which streams and plays back everything you have in Vidon Server. Those images below show you what it looks like, viewing from different angles. You will need to learn the functions of each part of the box, which shall be very help when you hook it up with your TV, or home theater system.

1.1 Hardware Specifications

1.2 Features and Functions

Power Button: Press and hold it for around 2~4 seconds when you see the power LED glows in blue, it means the Box is turned on. To power it off, press and hold it for around 6~8 seconds until you see the blue light goes out.

SD/MMC Card Slot: Increase the storage size or read media files directly from a Micro SD Card, with up to 64GB capacity.

USB 2.0 Ports: Connect to external USB devices, such as a flash drive, the receiver of a wireless keyboard and mouse set, USB wired keyboard, USB wired mouse, etc…

DC 5V Power-in Jack: Dock the 5V power adapter supplied in the package. The Vidon DVDWatchBox requires less than 1A to operate, however, the power adapter included provides 2A, in consideration that you may want to hook up other power-drawing external devices mentioned above.

Ethernet Jack: Dock the Ethernet cable for internet access.

HDMI Port: Plug in one of the male ends of the included HDMI cable, while the other end might be plugged into your smart TV, or your home theater system.

Headphone Jack: Dock an external audio output device, like an earphone or headphone.

IR Receiver: Communicate with the included Vidon IR Remote for navigation.

1.3 Vidon IR Remote

Before talking about how to connect everything up, it is required that you understand how the Vidon IR Remote works, simply because while connecting the box with other hardware, the only navigation tool is the Remote, in case that you don’t have an extra keyboard and mouse set to be wired up to the box.

1-Up: Move upward 

2-OK: To confirm a particular action, or as an “Enter” button

3-Left: Move left

4-Down: Move downward

5-Volume Down: Turn the system volume down

6-Settings: Call out the basic settings menu

7-Battery Compartment: Two AAA batteries are required to power the Vidon IR Remote

8-Power: To wake up from or put the Vidon DVDWatchBox into sleep mode. Be aware that this does not power off the box.

9-Right: Move right

10-Back: Return to previous screen running or canceling an activity

11-Volume Up: Turn the system volume up

12-Home: Return to the home screen

13-Menu: Call out the options menu for your current screen or running application

1.4 Get Everything Connected

Before connecting the Vidon DVDWatchBox to your TV (better be a large screen smart TV with higher resolution), or your home theater system, you’d better take a close look at the ports on the side/back of TV or home theater system to make sure you’ve got the correct cables.

1.4.1 Connect to an HDMI Enabled TV

If you have a large screen TV included with an HDMI port at home, go over 5.3.1 to check how to connect the Vidon DVDWatchBox to your TV in full details.

Step 1: Plugone end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of your DVDWatchBox.

Step 2: Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI IN port on your TV.

Step 3: Switch into the appropriate HDMI input on your TV.

1.4.2 Include Your Home Theater System

If you also own a home theater system at home, then you can hook up for a better audiovisual experience. Check the details below to see how to bring it into the circle. Be aware that you shall prepare another HDMI cable, as Vidon DVDWatchBox is shipped with only HDMI cable.

Step 1: Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI OUT port on your home theater receiver.

Step 2: Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into HDMI IN port on the TV.

Step 3: Switch into the appropriate HDMI input on your TV.

Step 4: Grab another HDMI cable, and plug one end into another HDMI IN port on your home theater receiver.

Step 5: Plug the other end of the 2nd HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of your DVDWatchBox.

Step 6: Switch into the appropriate HDMI Input on your home theater system.

Finishing this step, all the hardware parts are connected, and now you are just one small step away from sitting comfortably in your sofa, enjoying your leisure time watching great movie with your family.

Now, move on finish that final step.

2. Vidon DVDWatchBox Initial Settings

Upon the first setup of Vidon DVDWatchBox, you will have to manually configure some basic settings. The first thing on your priority list should be getting the Vidon DVDWatchBox connected to the internet and then access a sea of media content from your Vidon Server. So, let’s start right from that point.

2.1 Internet Settings

Step 1: Plug the DC 5V power adaptor into Vidon DVDWatchBox, turn on and switch your TV into HDMI Input, and then press and hold the power button on DVDWatchBox for about 2 seconds until the indicator light turns blue.  At this point, the DVDWatchBox logo should have appeared on your TV screen. As it’s the first time you start up the box, the logo should be there for about 60 to 90 seconds before it takes you to the home screen after the hardware initialization.

Step 2:  When that logo disappears, you shall see a pop-up dialog reminding you to configure your network. At this point, click the Confirm button and then choose either a Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet cable.


As a reminder: if you plug in an Ethernet cable before turning on the DVDWatchBox, the whole internet setting thing will be taken care of. If you prefer a Wi-Fi network, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Instead of plugging in your Ethernet cable, navigate to the Wi-Fi option. Next, select the target Wi-Fi hotspot and enter the password to proceed.  Keep in mind, each time after you update the firmware of the DVDWatchBox, you will have to redo this, because the firmware update will erase the saved Wi-Fi information.

What’s more, an Ethernet cable is always much stable than a Wi-Fi hotspot, besides, you are about to stream tons of videos to your TV, an Ethernet cable is surely a better option.

2.2 Media Server

Once a live internet connection is established, you are able to access the Vidon server for your movie libraries. Here below are the detailed steps to find and connect to your Vidon Server. Be aware, your computer which the Vidon Server is installed on must be always running and so is your Vidon Server. Otherwise, Vidon DVDWatchBox will not be able to find it.

Step 1: At the homepage, navigate to the Media Server option (the 3rd one from the top). If your Vidon Server is already running on your PC, then the DVDWatchBox will be able to detect it and have it listed here, you just need to select your Vidon Server directly.

Step 2: Once the connection between the DVDWatchBox and Vidon Serve is successfully established, you can then navigate back to your media library and begin to enjoy your movies, TV Shows, or other videos that have been previously added into the Server.

In case the DVDWatchBox failed to automatically detect and list your Vidon Server here, move to Step 3.

Step 3: In this case, no matter what the reason might be, you will have to manually add the Vidon Server, by navigating to Add Vidon Server. Then enter the IP address and port number (32080) and click on Confirm.