Support for DVDWatchBox

How I can be sure that the Vidon Server will accurately get metadata for all of my TV Shows?

The Vidon Server will accurately scrape meta data for your media that is properly named:


1. Movie FileNaming

1.1 Single Movie File:

Use the official movie name for your file.

Example: Movie Name.mkv


1.2 Segmented Movie File(Multi-part movies)

For a movie divided intomultiple files, be sure to include the part number at theend of thefile name in the following format:_pt1, _pt2


The following may also be used: _cdX, _ptX, _partX, _discX, _dvdX (where X represents the file part number).


Example: Movie Name _pt1.mp4, Movie Name _pt2.mp4


2. TV Show File Naming:

2.1 Supported TV Show naming conventions

Show Name s01e12 (s: season number, e: episode number)

Show Name_s01_e12 (s: season number, e: episode number)

Show Name_s01_d01 (s: season number d: disc number)

Show Name_1x12 (1: season number, 12: episode number)

Show Name_season1.ep12 (season1: season number, ep12: episode number)

Show Name_s01.ep12 (s01: season number, ep12: epsiode number)


2.2NamingGeneral TV series file:

Name your files following the 2.1 naming conventions.


2.3 Single File Containing Multiple Episodes: e.g files imported from Vidon import utility

The files still follow the same naming conventions as above, but in the case of multiple episodes, the first and last episode of the file must be in the file name.


For TV Series imported From a Disc:

Example: TV Show Name_s01_d01.vidon, Show Name_Season01_d02.vidon

Then you may choose play either d01 or d02.


3. DVD and Blu-ray file naming rules

3.1 Standard DVD and Blu-ray Image File

Use the official movie name for your file.

Example: Movie Name.iso


3.2 DVD and Blu-ray Movie Folder File

Use the official movie name for your movie folder.

Example: D:/Movie Folder Name/…


3.3 Segmented Movie Files(Multi-part movies)

Please refer to 1.2 for the naming conventions of segmented files. Bear in mind not to change the file type at the end of the file name (.iso for example).


3.4 Single DVD and BD File Containing Multiple Episode

Please refer to section 2.3 for the naming conventions of files containing multiple episodes.

Example: TV Show Name_s01_d01.iso, Show Name_s01_d02.iso

                  D:/TV Show Folder Name_s01/… and D:/TV Show Folder Name_s02/…