Support for DVDWatchBox

How to get Vidon Import Utility, Server and DVDWatchBox to work?

Step 1: Import DVDs using the Vidon Import Utility

- Run Vidon Import Utility to convert your DVDs into Vidon format;

- The converted files will be transferred into Vidon Server automatically.

Step 2: Manage the imported Vidon files in the Vidon Server

- Refresh the media library to manage the imported video files;

- Manually add your other media files into Vidon Server.Learn more

Step 3: Stream the videos from the Server to watch on DVDWatchBox

- Hook up the DVDWatchBox with your HDMI enabled TV;

- Make sure the DVDWatchBox and Vidon Server are connected to same LAN;

- Select the Vidon Server on DVDWatchBox to stream and watch videos.