Support for DVDWatchBox

Part 5: Watch Movies on Mobile Devices

Vidon DVDWatchBox is an inclusive device. It also allows users to watch movies on iOS and Android devices, like a smart phone or tablet. This great convenience makes it possible and easier for a couple to watch Batman VS Superman on the main TV, as the kids watch the Zootopia on a giant screen iPad Pro in their own room, without bothering each other. All that needed is a streaming client, and that client is the mobile app for Vidon.

Step 1:Download and install the Vidon streaming client on your smart phone or tablet.

For iOS 8.0 and later:

For Android 4.0 and later:

Step 2:On the first startup, Vidon shall by default scan your local media contents. Tap the Folder tag next to the Menu tag at the top left corner to select your Vidon Server. In case the Vidon Server is not automatically detected and listed here, you need to manually add it by tapping the “+” button, and then enter the IP address while keep the port number as it is.

Step 3:Return to the homepage and you are ready to watch your media contents on the mobile device.If the movie you want to enjoy is not listed here, neither in the top show area, nor in the Recently Added section, then dive into the Media Library.

Step 4: When at the Media Library, you can browse the media contents the way you do on the DVDWatchBox, Movies, TV Shows and Videos.

Step 5: To watch the picked movie or TV Show, just tap the playback button at its Meta Data info page; while to watch a specific video, simply tap on its thumbnail picture.

Step 6: During the playback process, you can tap the gear button at the top right corner of the playback screen for easier playback controls in regard to video quality, audio and subtitle settings.

Step 7: Occasionally, you might run into the need of downloading the media contents on your mobile devices so as to enjoy while on the move. To that end, simply tap the Download button at the Meta Data info page available to each movie, and TV Show; while to a specific video in the Videos section, the Download button displays itself when you tap the 3-dots icon.

Note that if the movie or TV Show to be downloaded has multiple audio tracks and subtitle streams, you can select only one audio track and one subtitle stream to download. Also, Vidon gives you the option to select a preferred video quality to download, depending on how much free storage space you have on your mobile device.

Step 8: Vidon also has a neat feature which switch the mobile device into a temporary remote for easier video playback control on the DVDWatchBox. To do that, tap the Play to button at the Meta Data info page, and then choose your DVDWatchBox where the playback shall start immediately, and at this point, your mobile device becomes a simplified remote, where the basic playback controls, like volume changing, play/pause, stop, fast forward and rewind, become available.

It is also possible to switch video qualities, audio tracks and subtitle streams with the temporary remote. For that purpose, tap the gear button at the top right corner of the remote, and then do as you wish.