Support for VidOn Box

About Operation

  1. 1 How can I send a log file from VidOn Media Center?
  2. 2 I cannot open any content on my connected external hard drive via Files in VidOn Media Center, what should I do?
  3. 3 I can only turn my box to sleep mode instead of off, what should I do?
  4. 4 How can I manage/operate my downloaded files?
  5. 5 Why won't my TV display any signal when connected to the VidOn Box?
  6. 6 How can I clean the VidOn Box’s memory?
  7. 7 If the VidOn Box’s network connection is unstable, what should I do?
  8. 8 How can I check my hidden files on the VidOn Box?
  9. 9 How can I set the frame rate during playback?
  10. 10 How can I restore the VidOn Box to factory settings?
  11. 11 How can I install .apk files on the VidOn Box?
  12. 12 How can I watch online content on the VidOn Box?
  13. 13 How can I manually set a static IP address on the VidOn Box?
  14. 14 How do I update the SDK on my box?
  15. 15 How do I burn a new IMG on my box?