Support for VidOn Box

User Guide of VidOn Box

1. Initial Settings

During the initial set up, please complete all of the settings for your VidOn Box.

1.1. Language Settings

Set system language: select your preferred language.

1.2. Display Settings

Set screen resolution and size to your device:

1.3. Network Settings

Choose either Wi-Fi or wired network connection:


Choose your Wi-Fi and input your password if necessary, then select "Enter" to connect.

A successful Wi-Fi connection will appear like this:

Go to “Advanced Settings” to set the IP address if necessary.

Wired Network

Plug a network cable into the Ethernet Port, uncheck the "DHCP" box, then manually enter your network settings.

A successful connection will appear like this:

1.4. Time Settings

Check “Automatic Time Zone Sync” and “Automatic Time Sync” to automatically synchronize the time zone and time.

1.5. Audio Settings

Select either HDMI or S/PDIF, then choose whether to enable passthrough.

1.6. Check for Update

The system will automatically download the update package and install it. If the VidOn Box is running the newest version already, just move on to next stage.

1.7. User Login

Input the username/email address and password registered on the official website to log in to the VidOn Box.

Choose “Switch” to log in with a new account if necessary.

1.8. Bind an Account

If it’s the first time you have logged in to the VidOn Box you must navigate to the Membership section on, select "Subscribe Now" and enter the 12 digit membership code associated with your account.

After all initial settings are complete, go back to the home screen and start having fun with your VidOn Box!