Support for VidOn Player

Other Features

  1. 1 I want to download some resources into my mobile from server or internet, what should I do?
  2. 2 I want to sort and manage resources in NAS again, can I realize it with VidOn Player?
  3. 3 How to find my favorite movie among loads of resources on my NAS conveniently?
  4. 4 I have some archives quite private in my Phone and I don’t want to share them with anybody else, can VidOn Player help me?
  5. 5 I have a large amount of local resource, is there any way to find what I want quickly?
  6. 6 I want to watch movie in my mobile on the TV, is there any idea?
  7. 7 Sometimes I touch the progress bar incautiously and jump to other scene, any way to prevent this?