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VidOn Player for Android Phones User Guide


VidOn Player for Android Phones is a fully loaded video playback and managment app that can play any file you throw at it; Blu-ray ISO's, MKV's, RMVB's, MP4's, and more. Play all of your favorite HD video content on your phone, swap out audio and subtitle tracks, and link it with the VidOn Server to play all the resources on the server via LAN. Advanced Hardware Decoding to flawlessly playback files, coupled with audio passthrough, will change the way you watch movies on your Android device.


Download and Initial Installation

Download the apk file from here, or the Google Play Store, here.

If you downloaded the apk file from connect your Android Phone to your PC and drag the resources into your phone's storage. If you downloaded the file from Google Play you will be automatically asked to install VidOn Player after the download.


Local Playback

At first please connect your Android Phone to the PC, drag resources from PC to the storage of your Android Phone directly.


Choose the video folders you want VidOn Player to scan on your phone and add to the ¨Local resource¨ section.  You can also watch videos on a server or PC connected to the same LAN.

Connecting to the VidOn Server

Use the VidOn Server with the VidOn Player for the ultimate media management experience.

Using a PC with the VidOn Server in the same LAN as your phone with VidOn Player click the “+” icon in the upper right hand corner of the “Home Sharing” section. The VidOn Player will automatically find the VidOn Server.

If the VidOn Player doesn't find the VidOn Server simply click the “+” and choose “VidOn Server”. You will need to input the Server IP and WEB Port Number which can be found in the VidOn Server under “Server Settings”>”Server Status”. After entering the information select “Save” .

Navigate to “Home Sharing” in the VidOn Player to find your VidOn Server and select any of the videos inside to watch or upload to your phone.


Play resources in Windows Shared/Samba

To play files from Samba or Windows Shared Resources you need to make a few adjustments to the video folder you want the VidOn Player to access.

Right click the video folder you wish the VidOn Player to access and select “Properties”, then  “Share” and select to “Share with Everyone”.

Select “+” on the top right corner of the VidOn Player screen and choose “Windows Shared/Samba”, then enter your PC's “Server Address” and the “Domain”.

To find your “Server Address” open your computer's “Control Panel”, select “Network and Internet” > “Network and Sharing Center” > your network > “Properties” > “Internet Protocal Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. Your Server address is listed here.

To find your “Domain” right click on “Computers” on your PC, select “Properties” and scroll down to “Domain”.

Play Online Content

In addition to local and network resources, the VidOn Player can also play online content. Select   “Online Videos” and click  “+” in the top right corner of the screen to download and install add-ons to play all kinds of online videos.

Select “Install” to add the plug-in and then enjoy.


To access VidOn Player settings select the menu button in the top left hand corner of the VidOn Player home screen.

Here you can set gesture controls, allocate bandwidth and clean the cache, which should be done every so often to keep the VidOn Player running smooth.

Airplay is a function that allows you to cast your Android Phone to other screens for a better viewing experience. There are two modes, Smooth Mode and Compatibility Mode, with Smooth Mode only supporting Android boxes and compatibility Mode supporting Apple TV and other Android boxes. Smooth Mode offers the best playback and saves power; Compatibility Mode may experience buffering.


For VidOn Player, please download and install VidOn Server v

Download link: