Support for VidOn Remote


How to Use VidOn Remote

1.1 Is VidOn Remote for all the Blu-ray Boxes running Android?

       Nope, it is designed exclusively for VidOn XBMC.

1.2 How does VidOn Remote work on VidOn XBMC?

       a. Make sure your phone running VidOn Remote share the same WLAN with VidOn XBMC;

       b. Start VidOn XBMC and go to System->Settings->Services;

       c. Open Webserver->Enable “Allow control of XBMC via HTTP”, and then set up the port, username and password;

       d. Start VidOn Remote, tap the button at the top right corner, and then tap “Connect to device” from the dropdown menu to automatically search for VidOn XBMC, or manually connect to VidOn XBMC.

 1.3 How to manually connect my phone to VidOn XBMC?

        a. Go to “Add Device” page;

        b. Enter the device name (XBMC to be connected), otherwise, system will use the IP address if the Name is unspecified;

        c. Enter your Host IP (IP address can be acquired at XBMC System->System Info->IP address);

        d. Enter the port number, the one you can find at Webserver page;

        e. Enter your username and password, the same ones at Webserver page.

        f. Tap “Save”.

1.4 Buttons on VidOn Remote Two Screens

      Screen one: basic keys including four direction keys, an OK button, a Home button, a Menu button and a Back button;

      Screen two: control buttons related to video playback, including the control button of Blu-ray menu navigation.

Explanations on certain special keys:

On-screen Virtual Keyboard: to quickly prompt system virtual keyboard for your convenient input

Mute: to enable/disable sound at ease

TOP MENU: to go to top menu of Blu-ray disc

  POP MENU: to show pop-up menu of Blu-ray movies

  Audio: audio related settings

  Subtitle: subtitle related settings

  Angle: to select a certain angle to view Blu-ray movies

  Step: to play back videos by frames

  Info: information on video playback, like progress, chapters, etc

1.5 How to switch between Button Mode and Touch Mode?

      Touch mode is for users to control by gestures. Users can tap the Switch Key at the top left corner of Remote key control panel to switch between the two modes.

1.6 How to utilize the Media Library feature of VidOn Remote?

      The MOVIES, TV SHOWS, MUSIC and PICTURES available on VidOn Remote are for users to access the respective resources on VidOn XBMC, so that users can use the Remote to browse and play back related media contents.