Support for VidOn Server

VidOn Server is a home media server that makes it simple to share your movies, TV shows, videos and photos; either local or network-based content. It provides a solution to house your media library. To better understand VidOn Server, let’s talk about installation, adding resources and settings.


Before you begin installing the Server, it’s recommended that you close all other applications.

Download the installer for free at

The Server is now available for PC. Installation is always via an installation package and follows usual installation method. You need to start the installer and follow the wizard to complete setup.

Note: When launching VidOn Server, your PC firewall may ask you if it is OK to run the VidOn Server, make sure to allow access and continue.

Adding resources

After completion, the Server will launch automatically and install an icon to the System Tray.

On the Management Web Page, click your media type and go to next page to add local media and shared resources.


Click the Settings icon (top right of the screen) to manage the Server. You can view server info, choose update frequency and the preferred language for collecting Meta Data and more.


While you’re on the Downloads page, download VidOn Cloud as well. VidOn Cloud is the client app for VidOn Server that streams content between your connected device and the server program.