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HardwareSoftware(VidOn Media Center, VidOn XBMC)Specification

VidOn Media Center is an all in one Android based launcher and video playback and management software designed as a home entertainment solution for all of your digital media. The VidOn Media Center's built in video player supports Blu-ray menu navigation and 3D Blu-ray playback, in addition to playing a huge variety of popular video formats. The cloud backup function can even quickly and easily back up your photos and videos (PC, External hard drive and Nas) and help you build a fortress to protect your valuable digital media.

VidOn Media Center.

Please make sure your VidOn Box has the latest version of VidOn Media Center.

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Size: 63.51MB
Date: 2015-06-10

A Fast and Stable Android 4.4 OS

VidOn Media Center is based on Android 4.4 OS, which makes it fast and stable. And which allows you to choose from hundreds of thousands of apps via app stores to turn your TV into a smart device!

Smart Multimedia Resource Management

VidOn Media Player automatically categorizes all of your multimedia resources as movies, TV shows, videos, pictures and music, so that you can easily mange and view them.

VidOn Media Player not only automatically searches for information about movies and TV series' like posters, plots, episodes, etc, it can also extract information from a pictures like the device, date and spot when taken, and the pictures can be displayed in categories. You can also use VidOn Media Center to back up the photos on your phone to protect your valuable moments. If you are a music fan and have a sea of songs, VidOn Media Center can also automatically acquire the song information, including album, singer, etc.

Robust Video Playback Power


  • 1080P Video Playback Support
  • Blu-ray/DVD Menu Navigation Support and Simple Playback Mode
  • 3D Blu-ray Playback Support
  • Playback a Variety of Popular Video Formats


  • HDMI True-HD/DTS-HD Passthrough and SPDIF AC3/DTS Passthrough Support


  • Supports External Subtitle Files, including srt, ssa, smi, sub+idx, etc.

View Local and Home Sharing Resources

With VidOn Media Center you can view local resources from an SD card or USB hard drive, manage resources on devices within the same WLAN through SMB, NFS, FTP, etc, and even add and manage local and home sharing resources.

Project from Your Mobile Device for Easy Sharing

VidOn Media Center supports Airply/DLNA, so you can project a video on your phone or tablet onto your TV to share with your family and friends.

You can also download the VidOn Remote for Android or iOS to easily control VidOn XBMC with your phone.

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Enlighten Your Television

The Android 4.4 based VidOn Media Center has hundreds of thousands of apps available
for you to turn any television into a Smart TV.

VidOn Box

The Best Cost-effective Quad-core Android Box
With The Best Android XBMC In 1080P Output